Typical Client Results

We work with our clients to achieve quantum-leaps in results which explains why so much of our work is referral-based or repeat business. Some recent examples of results that clients have confirmed as a result of working with us include:

Business Growth

  • 120% growth in revenue and profit achieved within a 12 month time period
  • A doubling of the business during 18 months on the back of previous growth which was marginal
  • A 30% increase in average contract values won with key customers
  • Operations Manual developed and in place to reduce owner-dependency
  • A 25% increase in average price levels achieved with customers and no loss of business
  • Management Team in place and fully empowered to run the business in the owners absence
  • 40% increase in owner-manager time spent on growth activities, rather than operational tasks
  • The first acquisition of an international customer at a contract value higher than ever achieved before
  • Restored growth capacity after a long consolidation and restructuring period
  • Moved from chaos to control with the introduction of best-practices during a period of rapid growth
  • New commercial terms implemented that reduced total days to cash by an average of 34 days
  • Bold growth agenda in place and understood by all staff


  • £12m of new growth opportunities identified globally within key application markets and territories
  • Successful restructure into 3 operating divisions completed to drive stronger market / industry focus
  • A 110% increase in net profit as a result of improved sales mix and the exiting of lower-margin products
  • Board of Directors fully aligned and in agreement as to the strategic priorities of the business
  • An 18 month plan delivering a 56% improvement in shareholder dividend
  • 3 new product launches successfully executed to maintain market leadership
  • Significantly accelerated international expansion, achieving break-even status quicker than expected
  • Operational staff have accountabilities linked to the strategic goals of the business
  • Total sales pipeline doubled as a result of identifying alternative growth opportunities with customers

Investor Readiness

  • Business Plan developed that raised £300,000 of VC and angel investment
  • Non-Executive Board with significant exit experience introduced and put in place
  • Investor slide deck created for pitch that raised £100,000 of VC funding
  • Business model and revenue streams fully developed to evidence clear potential for monetisation
  • Business guided to achieve first-stage market traction that then led to a successful Round A investment
  • R&D grant application successfully completed to raise £110,000 of project funding
  • Business plan completed and private investment raised for a digital start-up within 7 days
  • Business refocused with new business plan in place that attracted £150,000 of VC investment
  • Business model re-developed to move from one-off transactions to repeatable cash-flow and scale


  • European Master distribution agreement in place that provided access to various European territories
  • Supply contract for new product achieved with Belgian-based global industry leader
  • Global / exclusive licensing agreement negotiated with leading US OEM
  • Digital platform launched with user growth targets exceeded by 20%
  • Strategic partnerships established with 3 adjacent companies inside 6 months to drive revenue growth
  • New venture successfully spun-out and into profit within 6 months
  • National distribution secured with major retail chain and full roll-out in progress