Investor Readiness

A start-up can be defined as an organisation formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. Achieving real scale often requires external investment which we can support you to raise.

We work extensively with highly-scalable start-up and early-stage businesses that typically operate within high-growth digital and technology markets.

We have a particular specialism for supporting either pre-revenue businesses or companies generating initial early-stage revenue who require investment to achieve scalable growth.

We also have extensive experience in supporting a range of high-growth programmes and digital accelerator programmes as mentors and training providers.

We can help you to:

  • Shape your business concept into a commercially viable and scalable proposition
  • Develop a robust and scalable business model with clearly identified revenue streams that generate repeatable cashflow or continuity income
  • Establish your exit strategy, including identifying potential acquirers in adjacent sectors
  • Identify any management team gaps that will need to be addressed to bring further credibility to the team prior to an investor pitch
  • Support you to build an exceptional Board of Directors, including Non-Executive Directors or advisors
  • Close any remaining gaps within the business that may present a perceived risk to an investor
  • Develop an aggressive user acquisition and retention strategy based on data metrics
  • Build a credible and compelling business plan that will raise VC or angel investment
  • Introduce you to various funders, including VC’s, angels / private investors and other funding sources
  • Build an investment teaser document that will support any initial conversations with investors
  • Support you in the development of an investor slide deck and coach you and your team in its delivery