Client Testimonials

Many of our clients see us as strategic partners who assist in the growth of their business. Many also recommend us to other businesses. There are reasons for that:

“Sphera Consulting worked with us for around two years and their input into the agency was instrumental in helping us achieve 150% growth in that period and thereafter. What impressed me most was their ability to quickly identify core issues and then work with us to put in place workable solutions to help us move forward.”

Neil Robbins, Managing Director, Silverbean

“REALRIDER worked closely with Sphera Consulting to get our business in the best possible position for investment. Their insightful, comprehensive and proactive approach in helping develop our business plan was invaluable, not least because it secured £285,000 of investment in the middle of a recession.”

Zoe Farrington, Managing Director, RealRider

“Sphera Consulting have supported us to achieve a level of growth that is significantly out-performing our competitors and bucking the national trend within the market research industry. Their support has also helped us to develop and launch new technology ventures, acquire other businesses and create a clear succession plan within our business.”

David Shiel, Chief Executive, Explain Market Research

“Of all the external advisors we have worked with, Sphera Consulting have been the most impactful and effective in terms of results. They have helped us to develop an ambitious yet realistic three year growth plan. Their enthusiasm is infectious and they filled me with confidence that we could achieve our plans.

We have acquired a further 7 new consultancy clients and even had the confidence to develop a client qualification process to help us assess whether a client is set up to work with us, resulting in more valuable, reliable, profitable relationships when previously we were reliant on single projects.

Our costing model and proposal process have been revolutionised by their input and the support extended to us whilst we have implemented these rather drastic changes!
We are currently projecting we will achieve our 2013 sales targets 4 months ahead of plan which is staggering since our targets were very ambitious to start with.”

Joanna Feeley, Managing Director, Trend Bible

“We have shown a growth of business of at least 30% since working with Sphera Consulting. The advice and guidance provided will be invaluable in growing our business in the future and we are now on track to double our turnover during this financial year.”

Rob Adams, Technical Director, Itchy Robot

“Sphera Consulting are our ‘Go To’ company for help with big strategic decisions in our business. They have an ability to get quickly up to speed with the issue or opportunity and go straight into facilitating decision making or plan development. They always spot opportunities that we have missed and challenge us on assumptions that we’ve made. They are also great with project management throughout a strategic development phase allowing us to run the business in the meantime. Highly recommended!”

Ben Cottam, Managing Director, Cottam Brush

“Sphera Consulting have worked with us during a period where our business has grown by more than 400% and have helped us to implement systems, processes, new fee structures and an aggressive growth strategy that is helping us manage the process of scaling our business whilst creating a company with long-term sustainable growth.”

Ryan Lewis Davies, Managing Director, Gospelware

“The first 12 months of establishing a business are often the most critical and we worked with Sphera Consulting to develop and grow our business quickly and sustainably. We quickly built key partnerships, networks and clients that have helped form our business into what it is today and what it will become in the future. We’re proud and privileged to have worked with them.”

Martin Davies, Managing Director, Bloom Studio

“We brought Sphera Consulting on board because we had big ambitions to aggressively grow our business. As a result of our work together, we have re-developed our commercial model and implemented a new growth strategy that has increased turnover by 80%, trebled our workforce and significantly increased our average contract values. The company has undergone two relocations to larger offices to sustain its growth and now has secondary offices in the South of England. As a result of this work, they have since become an extension of our Board and are providing Non-Executive support to drive the continued growth of the business.”

Alan Easton, CEO, Boxmodel Digital Media