Business Growth

We work with a range of growth-led businesses who wish to achieve an accelerated rate of growth whilst simultaneously putting the correct control procedures in place to build longer-term sustainability.

We help companies make revenue transitions from either 6 to 7 figures or 7 to 8 figures and to break out of “feast to famine income” cycles.

We also help owner-managed businesses focus on longer-term equity building so that the business can run without the owner being there, thereby increasing its value.

If you’re a growing business, we can help you to:

  • Accelerate your company further and achieve double or triple digital revenue and profit growth
  • Scale your business up by determining the best possible means to achieve this, whether moving from regional to national or national to international trading
  • Break out of “feast to famine” income cycles and move into repeatable, perpetual growth
  • Overcome and remove any growth barriers or stress points that are preventing the business from moving to the next level
  • Move the business from being an extension of the owner to being independent of the owner so that it operates effectively whether the owner is there or not
  • Identify sources of repeatable and annualised cash-flow from your high-potential customers to give you predictable sales patterns
  • Focus the business on “difference-making” activities that create significant income leaps, rather than busying yourself with lower-value operational tasks
  • Implement a clear Board structure that drives the growth of the business and keeps the Directors focussed on the important issues
  • Put in place systems, processes and procedures that get information out of people’s heads and create consistency in quality, performance and behaviour from your employees
  • Establish the correct metrics and management dashboard so that you have clear visibility of the key areas driving growth, such as sales pipeline, output, work in progress and cashflow
  • Generate higher fees or higher gross profits through more intelligent pricing, focussing on your most optimum sales mix and implementing pricing options that increase average order values
  • Eliminate any “lifestyle business” elements and run your company like a real business with operational rigour, a professional culture and clear accountabilities