Sphera Consulting works with organisations of all sizes to dramatically accelerate their growth. Based at the Gateshead International Business Centre, the firm works with growth-led businesses that range from scalable start-up’s through to internationally trading companies and listed PLC’s.

We work with Boards, Owner-Managers, Start-up Entrepreneurs, Management Teams and Business Leaders to build sustainable high-growth businesses, raise investment, commercialise new ventures or build longer-term growth strategies.

Breakthrough Results

We work with clients to:

  • Achieve exponential growth, rather than incremental growth
  • Significantly increase revenue, profit and shareholder value
  • Transform lifestyle businesses into growth-focussed companies
  • Raise early-stage or seed investment
  • Build a clear strategic roadmap to growth
  • Successfully take new technologies, products or ventures to market
  • Build a systems-dependent business that can work without the owner
  • Implement rapid-growth programmes
  • Turn hazy ideas into scalable and investor-ready business propositions
  • Build revenue generating business models
  • Overcome and remove growth barriers

Who We Work With

We have an extensive portfolio of clients that ranges from digital and technology start-up’s through to fast-growing owner-managed businesses and larger manufacturing companies with international operations who we support through a combination of consultancy, coaching, training and Non-Executive style support.

We have worked in multiple industry sectors, ranging from manufacturing to services to high-growth technology markets and we also act as a resource partner for a range of high-growth incubators, Universities, accelerator programmes and specialist cluster organisations in the delivery of specialist support programmes. Click here to see a selection of our clients.

How We Work

We aim to build long-lasting relationships with clients and we have a very clear view on how we work. Here is what you can expect:

  • We don’t believe in woolly jargon, endless report writing, unworkable theory or impractical solutions. Your interest isn’t in what methodologies we use but rather the results we generate. The return you generate should always be a substantial multiple on the investment you make.
  • We work to fixed fees – we don’t believe in the metre running approach or landing you with nasty surprises when the invoice is sent.
  • We say it as it is – avoiding painful truths and telling clients what they want to hear does no favours, but candour and honest dialogue, based on facts and information, enables us to address problems and issues quickly and effectively.
  • One size doesn’t fit all – we tailor our solutions to every client, rather than offering a standard or off the shelf approach. We aren’t precious about having a set format but what we do believe in is growth-focussed strategic thinking and a little common sense.

We operate with absolute integrity at all times – this means acting in your best interests at all times, acting for the organisation rather than the individual, acting above politics, maintaining professionalism in every situation, communicating with you openly and frequently and always delivering what is promised.